The Secret To A Great Resume (According To Science):

Having a good Resume that actually makes interviewers want to hire you is really important (obviously). But what is the secret to having an awesome Resume that’ll turn heads? Here it is:

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  • Show Your Impact In Numbers
    • Everyone loves a good statistic and dollar amount. For example, instead of saying: “I ran a large marketing budget for my last company”, say: “I managed a $28,000 marketing budget”.
    • Another example would be instead of saying, “I wrote articles for my last companies blog and website”, you should say; “I wrote 10+ articles for my last company that garnered over 100,000 pages views for their website”.
  • Show That You Had Competition
    • This one is so often forgotten, but shouldn’t be. For example, instead of saying: “I won 2nd place at my universities upcoming technology competition”, you SHOULD say: “I won 2nd place at my universities upcoming technology competition (100+ students competed).
    • Instead of saying: “I was accepted into the management program in my last job, you should say: “I was accepted into the prestigious management program at the last job (that had only a 5% acceptance rate).
  • Name Drop Big Brands You’ve Worked WithPreparation-for-cover-letter writing
    • For example, “I created partnerships with Ford, KIA and Chevrolet, and followed up with their management and marketing teams.”
    • Another example: “I was in charge of hiring students from Harvard and Yale to make up our prestigious group of interns in our graphic design department”.

These 3 points will INSTANTLY make you seem more credible, put you above the competition and almost guarantee an interview call back. You need to convey authority, social proof and quantifiable results.

Don’t sell yourself short! TALK UP your accomplishments, and don’t worry about sounding cocky or stuffy. Your Resume is the place you need to be talking about all of your awesome achievements.