How To Nail Your SECOND Interview.

Your SECOND Interview.

So. You did the hard part. You sent in your application, you wowed them on interview number one… was awesome. But sometimes, depending on the job, they want you to come in for subsequent interviews. You haven’t sealed the deal yet, so it’s crucial that you get everything PERFECT on interview number two.

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Don’t let the interviewer do all the talking.

This can be a red-flag for future employers. They want to see that you are invested in this job opportunity. You should be attentive, engaged and asking questions about the position. Come into the second interview with a list of questions about the company, the management, etc.

Articulate your attributes to the interviewer.

Now is your time to really delve deep into your skills. Explain HOW you came to be the number one analyst at your last company. What methods did you use to get there? Did you take specific training courses? These are things you might not have gone very deep on in your original interview that you now get to expound upon! It’s the perfect opportunity to really sell yourself.

Be prepared for the questions that will trip you up.

The second interview will likely be more challenging that the first interview. There will be questions that you might not know the answer to, or have difficulty answering. That’s okay! Explain what you DO know, and don’t let the frustration of a tricky question leave you flustered. Keep your head level and confident.

Really assess whether you will be a good fit.

This is the right time to discover whether or not you will be a good fit in the company atmosphere. Really take a look at how they are treating their employees, how the management speaks to other people, what kind of office space they have, etc. If this will be a place you go to every day, you need to makes sure that you will enjoy the space you’re in. This interview is a good opportunity to see if you will fit in with THEM, but don’t forget it is also a good opportunity to see if they will fit in with YOU.


Send a thank you.

You should have done this already for your first interview, but if you didn’t, now is a good time to do this. You should get a hand written thank you. Or – at the very least – a thank you in an email. Let them know how much you loved meeting with them, and hope to hear from them soon! This will make you stand out in front of the crowd.


Remember, it doesn’t matter if you get offered that job or not. If you landed the second interview, it puts you one step closer to getting your DREAM career.