Cover Letters for Executives

Sample Resumes

Our Resumes are completely and fully customized to each individual, therefore our sample of Resumes below are just to give you a sense of our work, not a definitive of the exact templates we would use for you.

Sample of Resumes that highlight education, relevant coursework, internships, and any leadership or various intangibles for all professional levels.

Sample Client Resumes

Mid-Level Professionals:

For professionals with a few years of experience, it’s crucial to demonstrate your expertise and accomplishments to advance your career. Here are some sample resumes for mid-level professionals. These Sample Resumes emphasize our clients work, experience, key responsibilities, achievements, and skills acquired throughout their careers. 


Executives hold strategic leadership roles and require Resumes that showcase their extensive experience, leadership skills, and ability to drive organizational growth. These Resumes highlight executive experience, notable achievements, strategic vision, and ability to deliver results at the highest level. 

Military Professionals:

Transitioning from the military to civilian life can be challenging, but unique skills and experiences can make you a valuable asset to many industries.

These Resumes focus on translating your military experience, skills, and accomplishments into civilian terms as well as demonstrate your readiness for a civilian career.

Remember, these sample Resumes are meant to serve as inspiration and guidelines. We Customize them to suit your specific background, industry, and career goals. We tailor each individual Resume to effectively communicate skills, experiences, and value proposition to potential employers.