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Professional Resume writing blogs that go over what goes on your resume and how to really stand yourself out in the tough job market. Free Job search tactics that will give you the confidence to successfully land a job and LinkedIn do’s and donts.

Create a Great CV & Get a GREAT Job in the US

Getting a job is not always easy, everyone is not lucky enough to get a job in the US easily. Rules for getting a job opportunity in the US are pretty much the same as it is all around. For international job seekers, it can get tough, we have outlined…

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Wanna increase your salary?

Keeping Your Job and Increasing salary The hard work is not over. You just accepted the job of your dreams. Now the real work begins. Doing the work is only part of being successful in your job. There are other things that will also influence your success with the company.…

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Protected: Interviewing Nuggets

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How best to find a job on the Internet?

The internet has made job hunting much easier. Not only are job offers easy and quick to find, but also information from potential employers. However, you should also know how to best use the wealth of information for yourself. Therefore, you should first orient yourself on mistakes that can happen…

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What To Include In A Resume

Depending on where you are at in your career, it can be totally scary to sit down and write a resume. If you have had a long career, you have pages and pages of experience to document. If you have just graduated college, you are probably trying to make your…

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Here are a Few Examples of Writing a Successful Resume Summary

The part of the Resume that candidates struggle with the most is the summary statement. Below we will provide some advice about how to write one effectively. Most candidates are used to using an objective statement, which is no longer recommended.


Algorithm and AI-driven Resume screening may become the trend and could become the norm someday, but at most companies trying to fill critical roles, there is still usually at least one human being spending a few moments deciding whether to put your Resume into the follow-up box or the trash…

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What should a Resume cost

They say you get what you pay for. But a $1000 Resume? What Should A Resume Cost? As a former professional resume writer , I've seen Resume costs all over the map, from a low of $25 to upwards of a thousand dollars. That, for a mid-level professional Resume. Here's…

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How to Create a Winning Job Search Strategy for 2020

Times Have Changed Every four years, jobs make big changes. Sometimes jobs become obsolete through automation and positions are completely removed from company rosters. The job search is often a constant factor for people and it’s important to know what is going on in the market. A generation or so…

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Writing an Interview-Winning Resume

When presenting your Resume to a prospective employer whether, on paper or online, you have only 15-30 seconds to grab the attention of the reader. It is critical to put the best possible presentation out there right from the start. From a substance viewpoint, a Resume ought, to begin with…

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