“MJ” I’ve failed over and over and succeeded

Author: | Date: April 27th, 2015 | Category: Blog

“MJ” I’ve failed over and over and succeeded

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Since I graduated college in December 2010 with a BS in Business Management from Rasmussen College, I have held many positions, and none lasted long. For various reasons, I either got fired or quit; therefore, I had to keep updating and crafting my Resume to find a new job, and then another new job, and then another new job. I didn’t have any issues landing a…

job, I had a problem holding one. Obviously my Resumes were working, probably because I was constantly on the phone with Rasmussen’s career services, asking them to continually critique my work, or scheduling to meet with STLCC for Resume help, to make sure I was doing it right. I always took the critiques well, and got better and better with my Resume writing with each new revision and job.

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While looking for a job in May of 2014, I decided to do freelance Resume writing until I located a new job. The problem with that was that I was slowly putting money back into the business, buying business cards and such. The investments I was making turned into more income. After several months of intensive interviewing and struggling to land a job, I took the advice of a business adviser who suggested I create a website in order to move forward with the Resume business.

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Using a nickname from my childhood and the power of alliteration to my favour, I bought the domain name from GoDaddy. Since the site was very basic, and I learned I could not just live strictly off of referrals, several months after creating my company, I teamed up with a SEO Specialist from Turkey, and former client,  to build a WordPress site in order to gradually increase the amount of organic traffic. Today, I have 2 others working with me to keep up with the growing demand for our Resumes, and I am proud of the success my business has had. All the funding for my business has come directly from me, without the assistance of anyone, or any bank. What started as a freelance opportunity to earn some income while looking for a job, eventually turned into the full-time Resume business I have today.

Before our Resume building service and after using our Resume writing servicesThe moral of the story is that even though I took 32 years of my life to learn what I was supposed to do, and had many rejections along the way, I can finally say that I am content with my career. If I was to estimate how many jobs I’ve held, I’d say upwards of 60 or so different jobs with different companies. While I am okay with having faced so many struggles, I am not okay with other people struggling to land interviews and find ways around the ATS systems. I have learned how to construct better Resumes that are ATS friendly, and land clients more interviews. Even though there have been struggles and sacrifices along the way, I love what I do, and anyone who works with me and my company will see the passion I have for doing everything in my power to land my clients interviews.

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We have helped hundreds of job seekers with their Resumes, working in fields anywhere from social work, I.T., Chief Information Officers, Senior Vice Presidents, and more. Usually within 2 weeks to 45 days after exiting our Resume revision program, every single client has landed interviews, and many of them have found new jobs. We at Ryno Resumes are not happy until the client is finding success!

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