Expanding Your LinkedIn Network

Author: | Date: April 17th, 2015 | Category: Blog

Expanding Your LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn networking writing and revision help and learning how to network

Are you wondering how you can gain connections and grow your LinkedIn network for business, recruiting or job search purposes? I’m going to give you some insight into ways you can achieve a robust network, and do it without bombarding strangers with requests.

* Use the advanced option next to the search bar magnifying glass (located at the top of the page). When the box pops up, search using the…

keywords field. Typing in L.I.O.N. (or any variant such as LION, etc) will bring up people who are willing to accept any connection (L.I.O.N. = LinkedIn Open Networker). Add LION to your profile to attract connections as well.

* Use the advanced search option and type in “gmail.com” or another generic email extension

Using either of these methods will bring up a list of professionals you can search through to find people you’d like to add to your professional network. Fear not! Your request will not be sent with the tagline “Your friend John Doe wants to connect”, it will send a generic connection request.

* You can search using the Boolean Search Methods: “Boolean searches rely on specific modifiers to help you find results more closely related to the types of profiles you need to find. You can build search strings in the Keywords, Title, Name and Company fields. The modifiers you can include in Recruiter are quotes, parenthesis, AND, OR and NOT.” More on that here.

* Search for “Alumni” from your high school and college. These are people you know, and people you can utilize in expanding your network. They are also good connections to have when seeking to be introduced to a potential connections.

There are numerous other ways to search, you can try adding in city, state, zip, etc. If you’re a recruiter you can search using keywords like “looking”, “searching”, “seeking” to find candidates seeking job opportunities. Once you’ve mastered the advance search tool, LinkedIn really becomes a sea of potential connections who are waiting to connect with people like you.

(TIP: If you’re searching for a job, adding keywords such as “looking”, “searching”, or “seeking” to your profile make you more searchable for recruiters.)

* Get those endorsements! People are more likely to connect with someone who has proven ability to work well with others or do a great job at providing a service. Maximize ways you can use things you’ve already done to your advantage. Always follow up an endorsement with a personal message, but don’t feel obligated to endorse any individual you don’t feel comfortable putting your name behind.

* Share your LinkedIn profile on other social media platforms. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. feel free to share your professional profile and connect with everyone in your life. The people you already connect with on other platforms are more likely to connect with you on LinkedIn, and they are more likely to agree to provide recommendations.

* Become part of groups that align with your skills and experience and actively participate in discussions. Members of these groups often quickly become connections and open a whole new set of opportunities to expand your professional network.

These are just a few tips for expanding your network and I trust you’ll find success! Follow RynoResumes on LinkedIn for more great tips.


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