Improve the catch 22 Job, “You lack experience” statement

All about catch 22

This publication is all about catch 22, lack of experience, and how to really set your Resume up with simple tips. These are tips that I as well as other professionals will tell you but I am going to spell it out and break it all…
down for you. Why would I want to do this, well… because I believe that there are potentially great candidates out there that have the backgrounds and skills to successfully handle these positions they are interested in, but sometimes people have issues writing or regurgitating themselves on paper.
Zig Ziglar; “Help enough other people get what they want and eventually you will get what you want.”
But enough about me… A resume template design

Top Secret ways to get around “Lack of experience”

Let’s talk about the “lack of experience in jobs” you know you would be perfect for; Now whether that experience is based on lack of educational background or lack of experience in the field, my thought is go for it.. Apply for the job anyway, and this would be a good time to explain your experiences from college or even attaching a Cover Letter. You are probably asking how you write a Cover Letter with limited to no experience, well the answer is to focus on accomplishments in college, as well as internships you have worked, or even volunteer work. Being passionate and really sitting down to think about what you offer and posing that to potential employer(s) is going to outweigh a college degree if you can WOW the company with your writing. I’d recommend connecting with people all across various industries on LinkedIn and try to connect with people who work in the industry you want to work in. I am not saying connect with everyone from the company you want to work for, but connect with like-minded professionals, and ask for their advice and help.
  • Apply for job anyways
  • Explain your experience
  • Be passionate
Who do you know that doesn’t want to help when someone is in need? Exactly!