4 Simple tips for Guaranteed interviews!

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4 Simple tips for Guaranteed interviews!

Let’s recap the last few steps: handling a lack of experience, using other job boards to find comparable candidates to you, and bolding as well as italicizing keywords to gain notice.
The lack of experience piece is all about utilizing your network on LinkedIn, and connecting to like-minded individuals. Then, contact them by looking at their contact information on their LinkedIn profile, and emailing…

them at their business email. Ask if they can help you with some tips for getting into the industry.

Job search tactics to almost guarantee interviews

The next step guides you to look at job boards. Use them to look at jobs you are interested in, and then see if you have connections in those companies. If not, connect with some of those people, and email them about the position available. Also, utilize indeed.com to look at others’ Resumes that are in your industry to see what verbiage they are using in their Resumes.
Thirdly, bolding and italicizing words that are going to catch the HR/Recruiters’ attention. I don’t mean over-bolding by doing full sentences, but one word here and there is fine. This just draws extra attention to certain skills.

  • Bolding
  • Italicizing
  • Actionable results

Step three and a half: This one is huge! Contrary to some out there who say to use only three to four bullet points for each position, I totally disagree with this, and definitely believe that if you only have a couple jobs but have 15 years of experience you should definitely be adding skills, as well many points emphasizing your responsibilities and actionable results as well. This will be elaborated on in step four.

Step four, and the final one, is to add in actionable results, like “I increased revenue by 12.5 percent” or “I limited shrink in the store by so and so percent,” but more importantly mix these in with the keywords you have chosen to bold, and traditional Resume styles of stating tasks and responsibilities in bulleted lists.
Finally, remember that I am very accessible. As a freelance resume writer, I can help you with all these steps, discuss your skills, and learn about you to really home in on what you have done in the past that you may have not thought about.


Take my advice and use it. Each of these steps is broken down and simplified the best way possible.

As author and motivational speaker ZigZiglar taught, “Help enough other people get what they want and eventually you will get what you want.”

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