The part of the Resume that candidates struggle with the most is the summary statement. Below we will provide some advice about how to write one effectively. Most candidates are used to using an objective statement, which is no longer recommended.

Today’s job searches are about presenting what you can do for an employer, not presenting what you want to do. By opening your resume with a qualifications summary, you are able to better showcase the pillars of your candidacy. What is differentiating about your experience and candidacy? How would you say you are “better” than one of your competitors? The key to an effective summary statement is to sell the hiring manager on you and how you can add value to their company.

There are many ways you can go about formatting your summary statement, as long as you are including a combination of the following:

Professional title

Brief paragraph or bullet points that provide a snapshot of your career highlights and key qualifications

Honors & awards

Areas of expertise/core skills

All of your content should be customized based on the position for which you are applying. To customize your summary statement, identify keywords from the job posting of interest and incorporate those desired skills into your content. Refer back to my keyword mapping exercise (available on my website) for additional tips on identifying keywords.

Below are a few examples of summary statements  by our professional resume writers that are rich with keywords and that strategically position the candidates for the roles that they are seeking:

Creative Director:

Results-driven Creative Director with 10+ years’ corporate and agency experience leading the conceptualization, design, and production of award-winning campaigns. Initiate and design highly effective integrated campaigns that yield unprecedented gains in brand awareness, customer satisfaction, net operating income, and employee morale and retention. Hands-on and collaborative management style with the ability to garner buy-in from all process stakeholders from C-level executives to critical support teams.

Administrative Assistant:

Administrative professional recognized for making significant contributions to the coordination and organization of office operations. Highly motivated, resourceful and proficient in both oral and written communications. Brings an in-depth understanding of diverse client needs and business methodologies. Established record in effective organization and coordination of projects, special events, meetings, and conferences. Self-starter with proven competency in driving projects to successful completion coupled with commitment and dedication. Strategic thinker consistently making significant contributions and multi-tasking to complete multiple competing deliverables in a deadline-driven environment. Exemplary ability to seek out ways to improve processes and streamline operations.

Registered Nurse:

Dedicated, bilingual and patient-centric RN with clinical experience providing quality nursing care to patients of all ages with common, acute and chronic conditions at numerous types of medical facilities and environments. Skilled in obtaining comprehensive health histories, performing physical exams, completing assessments and managing a range of medical procedures. Leverages excellent judgment and strong clinical knowledge base. Relates well to people from a variety of cultures and social-economic environments. Dedicated to providing prevention, wellness, and patient education.