The internet has made job hunting much easier

Not only are job offers easy and quick to find, but also information from potential employers. However, you should also know how to best use the wealth of information for yourself. Therefore, you should first orient yourself on mistakes that can happen to you.

The biggest mistakes when looking for a job online.

Finding a job online is frustrating for many. There are job portals, career networks, forums and local exchanges where jobs are offered and searched for. Quite a few people often feel frustrated when they don’t find suitable jobs for themselves. Simply looking aimlessly for jobs is probably the biggest mistake you can make. Because often this is the source of many other errors.



By carefully considering what you are looking for, in what surroundings and under what conditions (salary, part-time/full-time, etc.) you can narrow your search. This means you don’t have to rush into every offer that comes up with you. For people who have learned a certain profession, the question may be easier than if you are young or have multiple skills. The advantage here is not only in narrowing the search, but also that it can be automated. Many job portals like to send notifications by email or push messages. So you can read through suitable job offers while checking emails and save time.

Careless writing of the application.

An application should highlight your skills and strengths. Private and familial has nothing to do with it. There should be a strong connection to the advertised job and your qualities. You should reduce yourself to the essentials. Personnel workers often have to read a lot of applications and often don’t take much time to look through them. If an application only focuses on the relevant, the hit rate is high. A currently relevant trend in the world of work is that soft skills are becoming more important. In management positions, communicative or creative jobs, it can make sense to name your most important soft skills.

Too little research.

Ideally, of course, you know the job by heart for which you apply. But the advertised job may be in an area or a sector that is less familiar to you. This can be compensated for by research. With such questions, it is always a good thing to have a professional network in place and to be able to ask a colleague for advice and tips. So you can already indicate in the cover letter that you have experience in the specific area of the potential employer. Practical orientation can be a valuable advantage over potential competitors.

Where is the best place to look for jobs?

The question of where you can best find jobs always depends on the job you want to find. Inexperienced jobs and perhaps more of a short-term solution are easier to find on locally specialized sites. On the other hand, long-term specialist jobs that require long training and a lot of experience are more something that can be found on job boards and career networks.

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