Understanding the basic principles to really wow your interviewer

It’s so important to make sure you go into every interview with a sense of confidence and self-assuredness. Understanding the basic principles to really wow your interviewer can be KEY to landing the job of your dreams. Here are my top tips to making sure you leave a lasting impression:

Making a lasting interview impression by taking notes

One: Firm handshake, Warm smile.

This is probably the most important part. Greet your interviewer with a warm smile, and give a firm handshake. Let them know you are EXCITED to be there and ready for a good interview. Holding a positive attitude the entire time is also key. Even if the interview isn’t going in the direction you think it should be going, it’s important that you stay positive and upbeat the whole time.

Two: Prepare your answers ahead of time.

Look up the most common questions asked in an interview and know your answers inside and out. This also helps with nerves. If you already have the answers to a test, how can you even be nervous, right? Have evidence ready to back up your answers and anecdotes that you want to share at the ready. They’ll be impressed at your promptness and readiness to share.

Three: Always say SOMETHING.

It’s better to admit you don’t know an answer than to BS your way through a question. Instead of lying about your knowledge, be honest and admit that you simply don’t know, but are willing to learn and find out. Use this time to showcase how eager you are to learn and how much of a quick learner you are. Spin this negative, into a positive!

Four: Understand that you have weaknesses.A professional showing interest by taking notes and posing their questions.

Very likely, during the point of an interview, you are going to be asked what your weaknesses are. Don’t say you don’t have any, because we all do, but instead be prepared to show how you are actively working on those weaknesses to turn them into strengths! Be ready and willing to share you are work regularly to overcome them in a work place.

Five: Be prepared for the many styles of interviewers you will encounter.

Not everyone interviews the same way. Be ready to go ahead and tailor your style to match theirs. We all generally like people that are like us, but more often than not, you may encounter and interviewer that ISN’T like you. Don’t let that deter you, you can still make a great impression. Be open, honest and communicative!

These tips are easy to follow no matter what stage of life you are in. It’s perfect for you to be able to impress every interviewer you come across and land that perfect job.