It can be intimidating if you are several years into your career and younger, more capable employees are working their way up the ranks. Often, older employees feel as though they are becoming obsolete in the ever changing world of technology and internet.

This is especially true if you are in a field that has constant turnover: medicine, technology, and engineering, for example. Many tools you used just a few years ago are probably no longer in use today. You are having to learn on the fly to keep up and it’s a true testament to the speed of the world we live in today.stay-relevant-in-it by taking certification courses

So how can you continually upgrade yourself? The first step is that you must be willing to pay the price of learning skills over again. You have to be able and willing to put effort into learning new skills all the time. This takes time and money, which many people aren’t willing to continually put forth.

You will stand out from the crowd if you take the time to show your employers you are going the extra mile to make sure that you stay relevant. If you want to make the process less painful, make learning new skills a habit. Do it all the time. Thanks to the internet, there are dozens and dozens of free resources on the internet that can teach you new skills. Often, these courses are extremely inexpensive, and

Seasoned professional learning online taking courses to be relevant in the job market.

 occasionally you can even find a good course that is free.

If you aren’t super tech savvy, and online courses are getting the better of you, then you can look into taking classes at a

 community college. They aren’t very expensive and you can even audit some classes instead of taking them for a letter grade.

Don’t be outdone by the new kids on the block: you’ve worked hard to get to where you are. You deserve to stay. Show your employer your value by staying up-to-date on the newest skills.