So. Unfortunately, you’ve found yourself once again looking for a job. Only this time…you aren’t a young and energetic 21 years old. You’re experienced and set in your ways, you’ve been at this for over 20 years already, most likely. Luckily, even if you are over 40, you can successfully find a new and better career. Here are our top tips to helping you do JUST that. Preparing for the job search grind after 40 years of age One: Update Your Resume Most likely, you haven’t had to update this Resume for quite some time. Resume practices are always changing, so it’s important that you find out what the most current type of Resume is, and tailor yours to fit the bill. If you aren’t interested in learning, or just want to hand that off to someone else, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out our packages to find one that fits your experience level. Two: Understand Technology You may already be here – and if so, feel free to skip to number three. BUT. If you are someone who just ISN’T up to date on the internet, all things social media, or current technology in general: now is the time to learn. There are so many ways you can learn this info for FREE so you don’t even need to go back to school. Just brush up on the current way things are running at the company of your choice so that you can impress your interviewer. Three: Network, Network, NetworkUsing mobile to search for a job. You most likely know a LOT of people at this stage of your life. Gather all the business professionals you have contacts for and begin your networking. It’s KEY that you have appropriate business cards made to hand out whenever possible and find out if anyone you know is hiring for a suitable position. Knowing high ranking employees can help you get your foot in the door, and put a good word in for you after the interview. Four: Learn To Adapt Today’s work culture is VERY different from that of earlier decades. No longer is 9-5 the norm – but more flexible, 24/7 access is becoming more usual. Because of technology, people can get ahold of you any time of the day, so prepare for that. Depending on your job, it may not be one that you clock in and clock out of at the same time every day. Understand that adapting to current work culture is going to be key in finding a new career in 2017. Five: Battle Age Discrimination This is going to be your hardest battle because although this is technically illegal, it is still alive and well in plenty of interview situations. Remove your earliest work history and focus ONLY on the work history that is relevant to your work search. You can also remove dates that you graduated from college and entered the workforce, instead highlighting skills and experience as the main part of the Resume. They shouldn’t have a reason to discount your Resume before they’ve had a chance to meet with you.
These tips will help you stand out to future employers if you are over 40, and make sure that you are primed and ready to take on a new career at this stage in your life. It is possible and you can do it. Good luck!!