How To Get A Job Even If You Are Told “No”

It can be frustrating when you get told no time and time again. You know the dreaded line “we’ve decided to go in a different direction” or “we’ve chosen to go with a different candidate at this time”.  It’s discouraging, and there often isn’t a reason given on why you didn’t get, yet another, job.

After being told no during job interview

There are some things you can do however to wedge your foot in the door even further and keep that line of communication open. Take a look”:

A Thank You Note

This is important. Whether or not you get the job, a handwritten thank you note is ALWAYS the way to go. You should be sending one after every single stage of the interview process. It shows you are grateful for their time and the opportunity to be reviewed by the company.


People Talk

You want to maintain a professional attitude even if you are crushed about not getting the job. Just like in any other field, people talk to each other. This is especially true in smaller companies. Sometimes when they say, “we will keep you on file in case anything else turns up”, they actually mean it. So keep your attitude and actions professional and kind can go a long way.

HR departments aren’t always up front with why they chose to go in a different direction, so it’s up to you to ask. When you follow up with the question, “Can you explain why I didn’t get the position, and what I could improve upon for future interviews?”, it shows tact and class. Often, hiring managers will remember that behavior and are more likely to help you out and explain their decision in more detail. This can lead to a better next interview and possible future employment.


You want to stand out in the pack when you are interviewing for a position. It’s important that you make a memorable entrance. Be kind, courteous and respectful no matter what happens. Shaming the company on social media only makes YOU look bad, and lowers your future employment opportunities.