“MJ” I’ve failed over and over and succeeded

 Keep updating your Resume!

Since I graduated college in December 2010 with a BS in Business Management from Rasmussen College, I have held many positions, and none lasted long. For various reasons, I either got fired or quit; therefore, I had to keep updating and crafting my Resume to find a new job, and then another new job, and then another new job. I didn’t have any issues landing a…

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Expanding Your LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn networking writing and revision help and learning how to network

Are you wondering how you can gain connections and grow your LinkedIn network for business, recruiting or job search purposes? I’m going to give you some insight into ways you can achieve a robust network, and do it without bombarding strangers with requests.

* Use the advanced option next to the search bar magnifying glass (located at the top of the page). When the box pops up, search using the…
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Is your Resume Winning Interviews?

There is quite a bit that needs to go into writing a Resume, especially if you want to award yourself with an incredible interview. Employers can receive hundreds of resumes in response to an advertised position. For every hundred Resumes received, only a few Resumes stand out from the crowd.

Wouldn’t you want your Resume to shine brighter than the rest?

Interview winner Resume guidelines

With a well-written Resume, the…
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3 LinkedIn Secrets to land your next job!

Tired of hitting walls when applying for jobs?  Can’t seem to land the interviews you want? Unfortunately, you are in good company.  Applying for positions through traditional job boards is fine, but sometimes, it isn’t enough to get the results you are looking for.  Taking additional steps to be noticed can improve the likelihood of you landing an interview.  One of the easiest things you can do is advocate for…
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Resumes, LinkedIn, and why you need help

Hiring a professional to assist you in your current job search is a wise investment of your time and money. Unfortunately, many people don’t see the benefit and insist on tackling the job hunt by themselves. One place they often start is with their profile on LinkedIn. They change their job title to read “Currently Seeking Employment” and their place of employment as “Currently Looking.” I cannot stress enough how…
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4 Simple tips for Guaranteed interviews!

Let’s recap the last few steps: handling a lack of experience, using other job boards to find comparable candidates to you, and bolding as well as italicizing keywords to gain notice.
The lack of experience piece is all about utilizing your network on LinkedIn, and connecting to like-minded individuals. Then, contact them by looking at their contact information on their LinkedIn profile, and emailing…
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Improve the catch 22 Job, “You lack experience” statement

All about catch 22

This publication is all about catch 22, lack of experience, and how to really set your Resume up with simple tips. These are tips that I as well as other professionals will tell you but I am going to spell it out and break it all…
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Get through (ATS) Applicant Tracking System black hole

Let’s discuss the real intricacies of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), what it does and how it works?

For the most part, recruiters and HR put specific words that pertain to the job in their ATS and the more times that your document (i.e. Resume) hits on these key terms, the more likely you will match on getting an interview. However, if your document…

resume and cover letter template
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Emerging Professional

Self-employed professional looking to re-enter the workforce.

Junior Analyst with a couple years of experience.

Executive Assistant looking to change job functions.

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Established Professional

Analyst interested in managing a team.

Photographer/Videographer looking to take on more responsibility as a Producer or Director.

Accountant with a few years of experience in one or more companies.

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Seasoned Professional

Experienced Director leading a team of Managers.

Project Manager leading large scale IT Transformation Projects.

CXO interested in exploring new opportunities.

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LinkedIn is a business-focused social network utilized by many employers to seek out new candidates. Your “electronic resume” should be optimized with proficient keywords and specific verbiage for recruiters to find you! Having a professionally written profile will showcase your experience and accomplishments in a manner that makes you stand out successfully.

What’s included?
  • One-on-one phone consultation
  • Key word optimization
  • Personally written and developed for you
  • Professionally branded

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Cover letter

Cover letters are important to express your interest to the job/company you are applying for and help you stand further! These days employers are looking more closely to cover letters than they have been before.

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Returning Professional

Interested in new opportunities

Recent Layoffs.

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