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Terms and Conditions

By using our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and accepted our pricing and services. The charges for services are fee based,as follows:

  • Initial Fee for Services includes one(1)telephone consultation and one(1)resume writing/revising (one (1) industry)which includes two(2)initial revisions between client and Ryno Resumes.
    • Fee quote to be disclosed upon review of current resume and is dependent upon current experience levels and intricacies involved in the drafting, starting at an hourly rate of $125.00
    • Hourly rate includes time spent drafting and revising resumes, gathering client documentation and scoping the same, as well as time spent communicating with and attempting to reach client. Ryno Resumes will do everything in its power to ensure a successful relationship and accommodate client for its initial consultation. However, it is ultimately up to the client to ensure successful communication efforts so that Ryno Resumes can assist the client to the best of its abilities. If, after Ryno Resumes determines that a client is unresponsive, Ryno Resumes will make two valid attempts to reach that client before billing for time spent on communication efforts.
  • Additional resumes for multiple industries or target markets will be an additional fee/fees
  • LinkedIn profile consultation or revisions requires an additional fee/s

You agree that the general turnaround time for basic non-executive level resume projects is 3-5 business days, while more complex or executive position resumes will generally take 7-10 business days following our formal, scheduled telephone consultation. You agree that Ryno Resumes is under no obligation to deliver your resume prior to the above timeframes. If you require rush service, (defined as any time sooner than the aforementioned period), additional fees will apply.

Proofreading and Accuracy

You are responsible for checking the documents' and profiles’ factual completeness and accuracy.While we do our best to strive for excellence, you agree to take final responsibility for proofreading.This is especially important in that Ryno Resumes cannot possibly ensure the accuracy of spelling of businesses and addresses, as well as acronyms involved in every facet of different industries.


Once you have paid for your services and received your new resume (we track all email and telephone conversations), there will be no refunds. You acknowledge that our time spent reviewing initial documents, communicating with you, preparing resumes and other documents, and/or providing all other products and services, is compensable. Ryno Resumes guarantees that if you follow our advice in applying your resume in the correct manner, you will obtain interviews with your new resume.For purposes of these Terms and Conditions, “guarantee”means that should you not obtain any interviews within a 2 month time frame and you feel the new resume, as a result, is not effective in the marketplace, Ryno Resumes will consult with you to review the resume and your documentation of submissions to appropriate employers.At that point, if necessary, we will rewrite the resume at no additional fee.

Service Cancellation

Ryno Resumes reserves the right to refuse service to anyone or to cancel service to anyone. If client has already paid for services but Ryno Resumes cancels prior to delivery of client’s resume, client will receive a refund of payment.If client cancels service after Ryno Resumes has already initiated the resume drafting/revising process, Ryno will refund payment minus any expenses incurred in services at our hourly 125.00 rate.

Electronic Files

We provide your resume documents in Microsoft Word format and PDF, if requested. We cannot otherwise guarantee the compatibility of files with your systems or that documents will retain their original formatting features.

Data Privacy

Your communication to us through email and other social media sites such as LinkedIn contains personally identifiable information,such as IP addresses. Furthermore, by nature of our services, we are privy to other personally identifiable information about you in order to provide our services. Ryno Resumes is committed to keeping your data secure. Ryno restricts and monitors access to personal information.Your personal information is only shared with employees of Ryno Resumes and those who work for us, and this access is only for the business purpose for which you have hired Ryno Resumes. You have the right to request, at any time, the destruction of your information from our system Ryno Resumes may reach out to you to get consent to use our work (including resumes and other work prepared for you) and your questions, comments, and feedback in instructional, promotional, or other material.. (With your consent for the above, we will remove your personal information from any such documents)

Acceptance of Terms

When you pay the forwarded invoice, you will agree to the above Terms and Conditions. Payment of the Invoice will have the same effect as if these Terms and Conditions were signed below and dated as of the date of payment of invoice.

Emerging Professional

Self-employed professional looking to re-enter the workforce.

Junior Analyst with a couple years of experience.

Executive Assistant looking to change job functions.

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Established Professional

Analyst interested in managing a team.

Photographer/Videographer looking to take on more responsibility as a Producer or Director.

Accountant with a few years of experience in one or more companies.

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Seasoned Professional

Experienced Director leading a team of Managers.

Project Manager leading large scale IT Transformation Projects.

CXO interested in exploring new opportunities.

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LinkedIn is a business-focused social network utilized by many employers to seek out new candidates. Your “electronic resume” should be optimized with proficient keywords and specific verbiage for recruiters to find you! Having a professionally written profile will showcase your experience and accomplishments in a manner that makes you stand out successfully.

What’s included?
  • One-on-one phone consultation
  • Key word optimization
  • Personally written and developed for you
  • Professionally branded

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Cover letter

Cover letters are important to express your interest to the job/company you are applying for and help you stand further! These days employers are looking more closely to cover letters than they have been before.

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Returning Professional

Interested in new opportunities

Recent Layoffs.

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