60-Day Promise



Since 2014, Ryno Resumes has helped professionals around the world with writing Resumes, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn profiles. With our team of US-based Certified Professional Resume Writers (CPRW Certified), we leverage industry best practices to help you land your next interview. Our tailored Resumes are optimized for industry-specific keywords and phrases to pass the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), a Human Resources tool used to screen-out potential candidates. The ATS system scans Resumes for a certain criterion and then decides which candidates make it to the next round.

We have helped hundreds of professionals with their Resumes. Our past clients have typically received interviews within a couple of weeks of working with us and start to see job offers shortly thereafter. Some of our recent success cases, include an IT Project Manager landing a position with a networking hardware multinational, a Director of Operations joining a national health care company, and a CTO leading technology at a major international bank.

We believe in providing excellent service with up-front pricing and a simple, transparent process. With our 60-Day Promise, we commit to delivering a final product that you can confidently share with recruiters, hiring managers, and other professionals. For up to 60 day, we tirelessly work with you to capture your strengths, experience, and ambitions.

Our suite of services helps those who are looking to reenter the workforce, explore new opportunities, and anything in-between. Whether you are an emerging professional or seasoned executive, we can help. Get started today and let us supercharge your Resume!

You can contact us directly and we’ll be happy to help.

Professional Resume writer

Ryan Winner Founder of Ryno Resumes

Has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Created Ryno Resumes to streamline and simplify the job search process for job seekers. Works with anyone and everyone no matter the situation, and cares more about the clients needs than the Monetary Value gain. “My passion for helping people exceeds any other company out there.”


Emerging Professional

Self-employed professional looking to re-enter the workforce.

Junior Analyst with a couple years of experience.

Executive Assistant looking to change job functions.

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Established Professional

Analyst interested in managing a team.

Photographer/Videographer looking to take on more responsibility as a Producer or Director.

Accountant with a few years of experience in one or more companies.

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Seasoned Professional

Experienced Director leading a team of Managers.

Project Manager leading large scale IT Transformation Projects.

CXO interested in exploring new opportunities.

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LinkedIn is a business-focused social network utilized by many employers to seek out new candidates. Your “electronic resume” should be optimized with proficient keywords and specific verbiage for recruiters to find you! Having a professionally written profile will showcase your experience and accomplishments in a manner that makes you stand out successfully.

What’s included?
  • One-on-one phone consultation
  • Key word optimization
  • Personally written and developed for you
  • Professionally branded

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Cover letter

Cover letters are important to express your interest to the job/company you are applying for and help you stand further! These days employers are looking more closely to cover letters than they have been before.

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Returning Professional

Interested in new opportunities

Recent Layoffs.

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