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Gabrielle, Professional Resume WriterGabrielle is an experienced Customer Service Professional currently obtaining an undergraduate degree from Webster University. Originally from St. Louis, MO, she currently calls Chicago home. Gabrielle has many years of hiring and decision making responsibility that give her the skills and advantage to know how to get past the gatekeepers in HR. Possessing a background in sales, she has the drive and edge to sell the candidate and land the role they're seeking. From C-level executives to entry-level college graduates, she knows how to market a candidate and get them to the front of the line. Her skills include resume writing, job sourcing and interview coaching.
Vennessa, Professional Resume Writer Has a background in engineering and management in multiple industries, including dental, precision machinery, steel fabrication and construction, and resort/spa. I have been reading and editing resumes for years, using my skills and expertise to hire many people. I know what a good candidate looks like on paper
Ryan Winner, Founder of Ryno Resumes Has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management. Created Ryno Resumes to streamline and simplify the job search process for job seekers. Works with anyone and everyone no matter the situation, and cares more about the clients needs than the Monetary Value gain. "My passion for helping people exceeds any other company out there."