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Emerging Professional

Self-employed professional looking to re-enter the workforce.

Junior Analyst with a couple years of experience.

Executive Assistant looking to change job functions.

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Established Professional

Analyst interested in managing a team.

Photographer/Videographer looking to take on more responsibility as a Producer or Director.

Accountant with a few years of experience in one or more companies.

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Seasoned Professional

Experienced Director leading a team of Managers.

Project Manager leading large scale IT Transformation Projects.

CXO interested in exploring new opportunities.

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LinkedIn is a business-focused social network utilized by many employers to seek out new candidates. Your “electronic resume” should be optimized with proficient keywords and specific verbiage for recruiters to find you! Having a professionally written profile will showcase your experience and accomplishments in a manner that makes you stand out successfully.

What’s included?
  • One-on-one phone consultation
  • Key word optimization
  • Personally written and developed for you
  • Professionally branded

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Cover letter

Cover letters are important to express your interest to the job/company you are applying for and help you stand further! These days employers are looking more closely to cover letters than they have been before.

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Returning Professional

Interested in new opportunities

Recent Layoffs.

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