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With a vast network of over 660 million LinkedIn members worldwide, it’s crucial to have a standout profile that grabs the attention of potential employers and enhances your job-search success.

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Why Choose LinkedIn Optimization?

If you have been wondering how to write a compelling LinkedIn profile, our team of experts are here to assist you. With extensive experience in crafting hundreds of LinkedIn profiles, we have the expertise to help you create a strong profile story that showcases your unique professional brand.

Strategy & Goals Call

Before we start optimizing your LinkedIn Profile, we must first know your strategy & goals.

Information Gathering

With your goal and your target audience in mind, we then gather your background information either via a Questionnaire or a one on one interview session.

Your Professional Story Build

After Understanding your background, we craft your unique professional story in a manner that engages your audience & compels them to reach out to learn more.

Create Your Own Limits

Select the best package to take your career to the next level.



A keyword enriched LinkedIn Profile Optimization with some of your Resume content, omitting specific sensitive information related to current jobs. We also supercharge the headline to make sure it stands out among wolves, update certifications, add education(s), and really add some fire to your summary.

Icons added throughout profile including the summary, headline and other key areas to create awareness to specific feature or things like email address, phone number or website.

An update to your 50 skills.

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A keyword enriched LinkedIn Profile Optimization with icons, carefully selected and research powerful content spread throughout sections to engage and capture attention. We then hyper tailor your headline, summary, jobs, certifications and all other key areas of your profile to capture your audience, target, and industry of choice.

An eye catching header photo for your profile that will provide your audience your focus from the get go.

A full integration of visuals, videos if applicable, and researched and targeted content to your visuals.

50 powerful and carefully selected key skills that will bring awareness and influence to your profile as well as increase your chances of exposure for job searching, business development, networking, and many other opportunities.

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