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Interview coaching session


This is a 30-60 Minute Phone or Zoom Session.

A one-on-one coaching session.

We will start out with some basic questions, "Tell me about yourself." This question is often asked at the beginning of an interview to give you an opportunity to introduce yourself and provide a brief overview of your background, skills, and experiences. It's important to keep your response concise and relevant. (Any additional Interview Coaching sessions recommended or needed are charged at our hourly rate of $150 per/hr.)

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Career Coaching & Career Change Assistance


This service is recommended for those that are ready for a change in their career and would like to explore new career paths.


We ask each client to send us their old or Current Resume.
We schedule a 1 on 1 phone, zoom, or whats app or skype call to go over your likes, and dislikes of your current and past jobs, as well as interests and hobbies.

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Resume Distribution Service


This service is to automate the distribution of your Resume to up to 60 targeted job boards to get your information front and center of HR and Recruiters. 

Complete a questionnaire, send it back to us, we upload the information into our specialized system.
We create the specialized filters and upload your Resume and sync all your information to our Special Distribution service. Your Resume is only posted to the boards that specialize in your ideal job fields. You can login to your account within 72 hrs. and see potential leads, emails, opportunities and track who’s viewed you

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